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Charmaine Chanakira is a London based painter. Born in Zimbabwe and raised in London, the state of being on the move has increased the importance of navigating her own status.

Her illustrative art style mixes Japanese manga, pop art and African art, and she loves to use bold outlines and eye-catching colours. With influences of Jean Michel-Basquiat, her paintings tend to be more abstract and less refined, mixing modern expressionism with her African culture. Bright colours jump from the surface of the canvas, submerging the drawing and doodles that can be seen faintly below the paint.

Painting allows her to come face to face with her feelings and you can really feel her confront them with every brush stroke. The experience of using art in a therapeutic manner drove her to explore it professionally. In 2015 she earned her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and has since then achieved further qualifications, currently completing a master’s degree in Art Psychotherapy.

Charmaine knows first-hand the benefits of using art to self-heal and to encourage emotional intelligence through reflection and mindfulness. A young, emerging artist with an extraordinary gift, Charmaine Chanakira’s work is a beautiful addition to any collection.

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