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Perhaps one of (if not) the biggest benefits of using art as a form of investment involves each asset’s liquidity


Because this investment vehicle is tangible, art can be sold at a moment’s notice. Sales of art in galleries continue to increase year by year, operating an assortment of exit strategies that come with growing audiences. There are all sorts of ways you can have your assets liquidated, as far as art is concerned. The most common approach involves the use of auction houses.

Henarch Galleries Art Advisory will go through all available options to determine which rates are most competitive. That way our clients will be able to liquidate their assets at a moment’s notice, and won’t be penalised financially when doing so.

Using our experience and knowledge – as well as the vast array of outlets to choose from – clients won’t have to worry about being held hostage because of prices. Such freedom ensures that the assets won’t ever get liquidated lower than what they were valued at initially. One highlight of the art market is that it’s neither a buyer nor a seller’s market – the market itself will determine the price.


Clients have a lot of flexibility with the art market. Although we recommend 3-5 years as a minimum timeframe to achieve the best results, because the client owns the artwork outright they can choose to sell whenever they like. We ask that clients give us 4-12 weeks to sell the art in order to give us the time to find the best possible price for it. The art is fully insurable and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Artwork Valuation for that purpose.


As with any investment there will always be a fee, which we take at the point of sale- something we feel is beneficial for both parties. Our fee is 20%, but only on the profit we make our client. This is beneficial because if we don’t make our clients a profit, we don’t get paid. It’s completely in our interest to make the best sale possible.

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