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Director's Choice

We regularly showcase artwork in our piece ‘Director’s Choice’.

The chosen artwork this time is ‘TELL ME BEAUTIFUL UNTRUE THINGS’ by the Connor Brothers, 46” x 76”, 2021, oil on canvas, Perspex box included, price upon request.

Mike Snelle and James Golding - who create art under the pseudonym “the Connor Brothers” make art that is just about as elusive as they are.

Taking the usual pop-art format and running with it, the Connor Brothers provide images removed from their usual context and pair them with bold typography, heightening the magic and mystery of the usually single female subject.

In this piece, a provocative blonde pin-up charms us with the one eye that’s visible. Naked except for a white bedsheet, she rests her arms on her knees and smokes pensively in what appears to be a post-coital moment of intensity between her and a potential lover - at this point us, the audience. In bold white capitals is the phrase “TELL ME BEAUTIFUL UNTRUE THINGS” but despite the upper-case font, this request is not an aggressive one. She delights in the idea of being romanced, wooed, charmed, and ultimately beguiled whatever the cost.

It’s a delightful moment in time, a poetic love story, a would-be memoir of syrupy satire that leaves you wanting more.

The charm of these pieces doesn’t end there - the Connor Brothers already have a secondary market. Their work seems to routinely sell above their pre-auction estimates, with one piece selling for six times it’s upper estimate, impressively the hammer price was £48,000.

Should you wish to make a potential investment please make an appointment and we can discuss your options in person. Our experienced Art Advisors and Gallerists would be delighted to assist you with your journey. Our flagship gallery can be found at 32 Artillery Lane, London, E1 7LS.

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