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Thank you for attending our Autumn Exhibit!

We had a great turnout at our Autumn Exhibit and really enjoyed being able to showcase many of our artists together. The result was an abundant gallery space full of eclectic works of intriguing variety.

The pieces all worked incredibly well together thanks to Olivia’s curation and eye for detail. Every wall has been adorned with art, the larger pieces stunningly imposing and the smaller pieces holding their own too. From the wild impasto of the Finn Stone pieces and the beautiful hatching brush strokes by Paul Wright, to the glimmering sculptures by John Atkin and the punchy urban art by Rich Simmons, Chris Guest, and Lincoln Townley, we savoured the freedom to showcase the variety at Henarch Galleries. This was the first opportunity we’ve had to exhibit our Connor Brothers pieces and already they have received a huge amount of interest.

It was also a joy to be able to show more sculptures and the three pieces we have by John Atkin (including ‘Slipstream’) are particularly striking. Exploring human identity through abstract form, his dazzling choice of materials creates an impressive spectacle, elevating any space. Atkins has previously shown his works in The Guggenheim Museum in Italy, the Museum of Modern Art Melbourne, and New Orleans Museum of Art to name a few.

Earlier in the month Frieze opened for its 20th anniversary and the influential art fair was also decidedly abundant with contemporary art. Focusing on emerging and established contemporary and living artists the show opens every October in the heart of London and is an insightful gauge, representative of the creative climate. In the opening hours of Frieze, steady sales were reported for paintings, sculptures, and photographs by big names on its roster.

Please get in touch should you wish to have a private viewing of any of our artist’s works and our trained consultants would be delighted to discuss investment options with you.

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