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Director's Choice 20/06/23

Every two weeks we showcase artwork in our piece ‘Director’s Choice’.

This fortnight’s chosen works are ‘Batman Spray Caps’ and ‘Mona Lisa Spray Caps’ by Rich Simmons, 72” x 48”, 2014, and 40” x 30”, 2021, POA.

Following the huge success of Simmons’ recent career retrospective solo show, this week we are showcasing two of his most imposing pieces. The larger of the two, ‘Batman Spray Caps’ is an impressive 72 inches high, making a statement in every sense. Standing close the image is impossible to fathom, carefully arranged painted spray can caps forge the surface of this piece, creating textural allure. As the viewer moves back, the heroic image perfectly and playfully takes shape.

The second piece is smaller but by no means less dramatic, an irreverent yet beguiling image of the Mona Lisa emerges from the wall. A modern incarnation produced in dreamy muted ochres, greens and greys, a nod to the palette of the famous original.

In his own words Simmons describes himself as “an engineer, a storyteller, a scientist, a designer, a protagonist, a provocateur, an activist…”. These pieces have been borne from the mind of an artist who eats, sleeps and breathes creativity. Restlessly and relentlessly producing art, Simmons continuously delivers art that wows.

From pop culture to an archetypal masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance, Simmons does things with his own inimitable signature style.

Our flagship gallery is now open - should you wish to make a potential investment please make an appointment with one of our Art Advisors by either emailing or calling 0204 524 7757 and we can discuss your options in person.

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