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Causing a stir at Henarch Galleries over the last two weeks is the inimitable Rich Simmons. An opening with a bang, Rich’s pieces were all shining bright at the “Quintestencil” event on 20th April. We saw many familiar faces and lots of new ones too, with many of you getting on board and choosing to invest with us.

Not only are the gallery events the best way to see the art but also to meet the artists themselves and understand the importance of having first hand involvement where possible. We had the opportunity to showcase some of Rich’s most impressive works including a select few canvases finished with a dusting of fine shards of glass - beautifully fractured and fragmented, glistening like millions of diamonds. Catching the light as the viewer moves around them, they capture your gaze and hold it as they glimmer hypnotically.

Also a huge talking point were Rich’s pieces cleverly composed using spray can nozzles which form the stunning image of Batman or Mona Lisa. Inspired by pop and comic artists from the 50s and 60s, Rich infuses his love of street art to create urban masterpieces. His work is more than animated and has a way of interacting with its audience from any point in the room.

Of his work Simmons says: “I have always needed to push my limits, whether it’s the storytelling, engineering, colours or art style. I want to create work that challenges my abilities, people’s conceptions and the limits if what’s possible with this art form.”

With celebrity clients such as Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus this is one artist already firmly establishing himself on the Contemporary Art scene.

Please get in touch should you wish to have a private viewing of any of Rich’s works and our trained consultants would be delighted to discuss investment options with you.

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