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Updated: Apr 13, 2023




Following the opening of the Charles Salvador ‘Bronson’ at our gallery in February we have had a very busy few weeks. Thank you to those who were in attendance - the event was bigger than we had even expected so thank you very much for your unwavering support. We have since been inundated with enquiries and sales and our feet have not touched the ground.

The event itself was very colourful, with guests ranging from glamorous celebrities, media personalities and art lovers to East End gangsters all in support of Charles Salvador.

We have never before held an event where so many pieces sold on the opening night, it was wonderful to see so many blank spaces on the walls where his works had once hung. Obviously this particular artist comes with quite a story and although divisive, we were really pleased that guests were able to focus on the art and to see Charles Salvador as a serious contender in the art world - particularly in the investment sphere.

Naturally his pieces are very collectible, thanks in part to his background and notoriety. Rather than glamorising his past, his art is a stark, brutal and honest depiction of his years spent in various institutions. Prolific in his production of drawings, writing and poetry, we are proud to say that Charles Salvador has become an established artist in his own right.

If you are thinking of owning a ‘Bronson’ artwork, the exhibition has three days left and there are limited pieces available due to the high profile of this artist. Please get in touch today to secure an original Charles Salvador artwork.

Many thanks,

Neville Swann

Director & Head of Sales

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